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Limestone Paving

If you choose natural Blue Irish limestone paving you can be assured you are receiving a premium product. Due to it's high quality it can withstand the changeable Irish climate. Our limestone paving is available in the following finishes;

  • Flamed

  • Sanded 

  • Blue Brushed 

  • Flamed Fossil

  • Stone washed 

Riverstone Paving

Riverstone is technically speaking a “phyllite” slate formed within a precambrian rock sequence between 560-640 million years old. 

Phyllite marks a culmination – it is what happens when the geological forces that form slate are permitted to continue. With each step – from sediment to shale, shale to slate and slate to phyllite slate – the stone becomes harder, denser and stronger. 

This extra length of time in the ground has evolved the original slate structure in such a way that that its technical credentials – in particular water absorption and durability – are second to none. 

Moreover, the prolonged heat and pressure exposure as well as sustained metamorphosis has allowed it to develop a distinct phyllitic sheen (the mica content on the surface in particular is quite pronounced), which is a key differentiating feature of the stone.

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