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Stone Entrances

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Stone Entrance Walls and Driveways enhance and define your property. We offer a variety of different styles from limestone, sandstone to granite. We also supply limestone capping and pier caps which complete any job. Stone entrance walls are a very popular choice with our clients as they add a stunning feature to any entrance, we can create bespoke designs to suit our customer’s requirements.

The entrance to a house is the first image people get to see and that’s why it’s so important to get it looking just right in proportion and style. Pat has over 20 years' experience in giving advice on builds and working with saws and guillotines. We can design and build an entrance befitting your house or driveway that will not only look stunning but help keep your property secure.

Limestone Entrances

Irish Blue Limestone is one of Ireland's most precious natural resources and has been used as the centre piece of many architectural designs around the world. We offer two different styles of blue Irish limestone, tumbled and non-tumbled. Both styles are pictured above. You can opt for a dry-stone finish, or wet and raked finish by using a mortar.

Sandstone Entrances

Here at Breen Stone Products our specialty is mixing different types of sandstone to give each customer their own unique finish. We have 9 different types of sandstone in stock and each can be processed to the customer's needs. They are also available in tumbled or non-tumbled.

Granite Entrances

Our granite is all sourced locally in Carlow and Wicklow, which gives a mixture of browns and silvers. By tumbling the granite, it gives an old-style finish which is particularly suitable when renovating older buildings. Our granite is available in tumbled or non-tumbled

Limestone Capping & Pier Caps

We supply natural Irish Limestone capping and pier caps. We cut all capping on site with our saws so we can cut it to suit any wall size and thickness. We can also offer an array of finishes such as sanded, flamed, bull-nosed and split. We also drip all capping & pier caps on site.

We are happy to discuss the combination that you desire in creating superior stone entrances. Contact us today or come visit our premises :)


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